3 New Most Compact Folding Bikes for Everyday Riding

3 New Most Compact Folding Bikes for Everyday Riding

1. Kwiggle

2. A-Bike Electric

3. Occam Cycle


Joy L says:

I need kwiggle asap

Tat says:

bad sound

hyou zan ren says:

no 3 music is mind….F!

Sasha Nealand says:

the music makes it torture to watch

Joy L says:

When is this kwiggle going to come to amazon ? I want it asap

Ehesan Quraishi says:

Weird looking bike… people gonna laugh at you unfortunately!

Bona San says:

I like it , how much the price , please . where the store to sale ?

Mark Brown says:

These bikes are cheap. This is just a commercial to sell a cheap bike that will break in two years.

Fat White Boy says:

The one without a saddle looks difficult to ride.

Don Omarr says:

nothing compared to a Brompton, straight outta Brompton !

ronan caffrey says:

Are the last chaps on crack? No seat, doesn’t really fold, I’m surprised the fitted wheels and brakes!

Lorenz y says:

the 2nd is fake

Fatso Currywurst says:

All of this Bikes i got to correct are just bloody dangerous due to the Fact that Potholes exist,as smaller the Wheel as harder you fall and more often,fuck that all…..

Medina Music says:

I have a folding bike. I love them but these ones have a ridiculous design.

Ramzan Ali says:

I want to buy this folding bike..please help me

Md. Masud Rana says:

How much does it cost?

Jose Raphael Josue says:

Can someone post the prices? Thanks

Patrick Ma says:

1) As same as other comments, the music is rubbish. I suspect the editor for this clip had ear problem definitlely.
2) Appreciate their creative ideas to build folding bike. The world needs people to do difficult things.
3) All these 3 bikes still cannot beat Brompton based on the speed, the stability and folding method.
Keep hard work and sincerely hope that there will be one model can better than Brompton~

Jonathan Bautista says:

Nice stuff. . .

Joy L says:

Amazon usa

Dean Muir says:

Third segment…the sound is disgusting. Over and out.

interSpeces Family says:

aDORE this kwiggle. Looking so very forward to tge 6 gear.

Mr.ActionGal101 says:

is that the inventor kissing in the background.

George Standers says:

OMG my ears!

Fatso Currywurst says:

And the brilliant small Wheels on Number one from Bayern if we Bavarians break our Neck then we do it proper mit Kneedle ( same as our ” Kumpels” the Oesis …. )

Shilpa Gowda says:

Sir can u launch a foldable bicycle in India please ‘ there is lot of traffic

ardin salim says:

can bike like this climb even simple steep? anybody experience it?

Misorganic1 says:

Video Batman you’re music is so distracting it’s chaotic and confusing and makes a person a real nervous listen to it. Very counterproductive for such a fun idea of a standup bike totally distracted completelyj distractive and very disruptive

IURIi ILiN says:

Bicycle RUSSIA – the BEST!!!

hellochriis says:

kwiggle looks a bit uncomfortable and shaky to ride at 1:47

gazza listermint says:

no seat? doesn’t fold up fully? ocean hmmmmm. I’d have to try it

Le So says:

Вы наверное дибилы!)))Велосипед без сидения это крайне неудобно!И музыку ужасную тоже поставили как фон..,наверное для того,чтоб уж точно 100% никто не захотел покупать эти нелепые,неудобные велосипеды!))))Это какие мозги недоразвитые надо иметь,чтоб придумать такую антирекламу!!!

Levy Carneiro says:

What’s up with the odd and distracting music during the 3rd bike section?

Flavio Costa says:

1:09, sorry,so,its is very very sexy and beautiful girl!!

pabslondon says:

Music is distracting

BiziTrikes Donostia says:


Mond Martinez says:

Omg its trevor

hellochriis says:

kwiggle looks a bit uncomfortable and shaky to ride at 1:47

R K says:

all are really nice, thanks for the vid

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