Buyer’s Guide… To Mountain Bikes

If you’re interested in looking for a bike which is in its element off-road, and is able to navigate fast rough trails, jumps and difficult terrain then a mountain bike is for you. Which mountain bike you go for depends on what you want to use it for, with the quality of the components being one of the most important things to brood over.

Gain technical knowledge on mountain bikes and educate yourself before your purchase by clicking play on this Buyers Guide.



Sneaked life says:

sub to me

leonmfilms says:

you do not understand the concept of mountain bikes properly, do your self a favour and head over to Global Mountain Bike Network and then make a proper video, also please stock better quality bikes in your shops

gilessmokey says:

Halfords did not even get the tyre direction arrows right on my new bike! …seems the “bike experts” did not even get the basics right!

Hot Movie says:

Thank for share. I bought a great mountain bike in amazon. It is a best bike.

o iTz Harvey xD says:

What was the Red Bike?

Scottish Mx5 says:

If you wanna go fast, ride a downhill bike not cross county lol. Dual sus is better than a hard tail for most things plus you can lock out your sus on your rear to had it a somewhat hardtail if needed. Yeah hardtails can be lighter but most of the time they are not because most people buy a cheap hardtail to get into biking and they are just as heavy. The lighter ones are the same price as duel sus most of the time. Dont get v brakes, even road bikes are getting disk brakes now. Also if you are going to get right into mountain biking your derailleur and gears are always going to be smashed about so get used to tuning them after every couple of rides or just have clunky gears in which case it doesn’t matter which gear set you pick. Also buy comfy knee pads, a good strong helmet and gloves. Also if your pedals are plastic like in this video get some metal ones as I would never trust plastic ones on a mountain bike.

Gary Doyle says:


LaLa 1998 says:

I bought a good mountain bike for $147 (300 BGN in Bulgaria) with V-brakes, but it has a modification for disc brakes, which are quite expensive and i will need new rims ofc. But the suspension is good and it’s around 11 kg.

David French says:

Your v-brakes will be a lot more ‘accurate’ if you set them up so that the pad contacts the rim properly!

Mtb 4life says:

Carrera’s are rubbish tho

shaneweightman says:

Question is why didn’t Halfords upload my opinion thoughts and time spent doing a review of the bike I paid 600 quid for,,,don’t like a person who bought a products thoughts plus and minus,, yes that’s how sevice etc is improve listening to people (PAST CUSTOMERS),,Who might buy there bike gear from somewere else in future… !

cathal fee says:

haha aero frame on a mtb ?????????

lgd661 says:

Disc brakes are not hard wearing

Guy Hipwell says:

this is one of the worst guides to mountain bikes i have ever seen. aerodynamic frame? this is why i will never ever buy a bike from halfords

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